1. CS6220: Topics in Networks, Offered in Jan-April 2021, 2022

    The objective of the course is to introduce you to recent advances in the area of enterprise/cloud/WAN networks. In this course, you will read and present classic and recent papers covering a wide range of topics in networked systems: data center networks, network measurement, network verification, network security, and network traffic management. The students will design and develop network functions using emerging networking tools and technologies like programmable switches. Some functions include Stateful firewalls, DDoS detection, load balancers, and Network monitoring using probabilistic data structures. Keywords: Software-Defined Networking, NFV, Network Monitoring, Traffic Engineering, Network Verification, Programmable Dataplanes.

  2. CS5060: Advanced Computer Networks (with Dr. Antony Franklin), Offered in Sep-Dec 2020, 2021

    I cover introduction to the Software-Defined Networks which is an exciting and emerging technology backed by Internet giants like Google and Intel. Many network targets following SDN architecture disaggregated the control plane (the brain of the entire network that determines how packets should be forwarded ) and the data plane (process packets as instructed by the control plane ). This disaggregation enables faster innovation in each plane. On the data plane side, there are mainly two types: OpenFlow-based and P4-based. This course covers fundamentals of SDN along with “hands-on” exercises that allow students to play with OpenFlow-based and P4-based switches/routers in a realistic network. Keywords: Software-Defined Networking, OpenFlow, and P4.

  3. CS2323: Computer Architecture, Offered in Sep-Dec 2020, 2021

    The objective of this course is to teach fundamentals of Computer Architecture to CSE undergraduate students. The course would cover the following topics: Instruction Set Architecture, Micro Architecture, Architecture and Performance, Arithmetic Operations in Processors, Enhancing performance with pipelining, Memory SubSystem Cache and Virtual Memory, Input / Output Organization.

  4. CS6903: Network Security (with Dr.Antony, Dr.Kotaro, and Prof. Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma), Offered in Jan-April 2021, 2022