I am currently an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at IIT-Hyderabad.

I work at the intersection of Systems, Networks, and Security. My current focus is on designing and building networked systems that make networks easy to manage, secure, and robust, by using exciting emerging technologies such as Software-Defined Networking and Programmable Data Planes (P4, eBPF, smartNICs, PISA switch)

I am actively looking for full time candidates to work on some exciting research problems in the above areas for atleast one year. If you are interested, please apply by filling this form. We will screen the applications and get back to you.

Contact email id: praveent at cse dot iith dot ac dot in


  • In-Network Probabilistic Monitoring Primitives under the Influence of Adversarial Network Inputs
    Harish, Shiv, Anibrata, Amogh, Praveen Tammana, Pravien Govindan Kannan, Rinku Shah
    APNet'23 , Hong Kong, June 2023 [pdf][slides]
  • Scaling IoT MUD Enforcement using Programmable Data Planes
    Harish, Suvrima, Hemanth, Praveen, Achmad, Kotaro, Selva, Venkanna, Chong
    IEEE/IFIP NOMS , Miami, FL, May 2023 [pdf][slides]
  • Accelerating PUF-based Authentication Protocols Using Programmable Switch
    Divya, Ranjitha, Krishna Sai, Praveen, Antony, Tejasvi
    IEEE/IFIP NOMS , Miami, FL, May 2023 [pdf] [slides]
  • A Case for Cross-Domain Observability to Debug Performance Issues in Microservices
    Ranjitha K, Praveen Tammana, Pravein Govindan Kannan, Priyanka Naik
    IEEE CLOUD , Barcelona, Spain, July 2022 [pdf] [slides]
  • IoT MUD Enforcement in the Edge Cloud Using Programmable Switch
    Harish S A, Hemanth Kothapalli, Shubham Lahoti, Kotaro Kataoka, Praveen Tammana
    ACM SIGCOMM FFSPIN , Amsterdam, Aug 2022 [pdf] [slides]
  • Implementing ChaCha Based Crypto Primitives on Programmable SmartNICs
    Shaguftha Zuveria Kottur, Krishna Kadiyala, Praveen Tammana, and Rinku Shah
    ACM SIGCOMM FFSPIN , Amsterdam, Aug 2022 [pdf]
  • Packet Processing Algorithm Identification using Program Embeddings
    S. VenkataKeerthy, Yashas Andaluri, Sayan Dey, Rinku Shah, Praveen Tammana, and Ramakrishna Upadrasta
    APNet'22 , Fuzhou, China, Aug 2022 [pdf]
  • Closed-loop Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnosis with SpiderMon
    Weitao Wang, Xinyu Wu, Praveen Tammana, Ang Chen, T.S. Eugene Ng
    USENIX NSDI , Mar 2022 [pdf] [talk]
  • DBVal: Validating P4 Data Plane Runtime Behavior
    K Shiv Kumar, Ranjitha K, PS Prashanth, Mina Tahmasbi Arashloo, Venkanna U, Praveen Tammana
    ACM SIGCOMM SOSR , Sep 2021 [pdf] [talk] [slides]
  • Anomaly Detection in Data Plane Systems using Packet Execution Paths
    Archit Sanghi, Krishna P. Kadiyala, Praveen Tammana, Saurabh Joshi
    ACM SIGCOMM SPIN , Aug 2021 [pdf] [slides]

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